Destiny Defined

Show me a sign

a vagabond in search of respite

On pilgrimage sublime

Curtains dropped away, I can't take it.

I have struggled for balance, I've listened to the both sides

and what I've found would keep you up at night

I have fought with contradictions, left with nothing but afflictions

This shelf of mine has finally crashed down.


So if you want to tell me that it's alright,

I don't really understand, there is no beauty behind this lie

And if I'm the only sentient, I'll just have to tow the line

alone, encircled, destiny defined.

Why can't you see what I see?

The camouflage has worn so thin

The stained glass and the soft words

Have all but finally caved in.

Some say just walk away,

But this silken web binds us so tightly

Each strand leaves so much feeling,

to cut it would just leave you reeling.

Interlocking pieces hold us all in line...